Latest Nordic Combined Results
NC Gundersen Trondheim 041204
NC Sprint Kuusamo 281194
NC Gundersen Kuusamo 271104
NC Gundersen Oslo/Holmenkollen 280204
NC Sprint Oslo, 280204
NC Sprint Oberstdorf 150204
NC Team Competition Oberstdorf 140204
NC Sprint Sapporo 270104
NC 10k Mass Start/2 Jumps, Sapporo 250104
Nordic Combined Gundersen Nayoro 230104
NC Gundersen Seefeld 110104
NC Sprint Seefeld 100104
NC Gundersen Schonach 040104
Nordic Combined Sprint Reit in Winkl 020104
Nordic Combined Gundersen Oberhof 301203
NC, Mass Start/2 Jumps K95 Val di Fiemme 131203
NC Gundersen Val di Fiemme 121203
NC Sprint Trondheim 061203
NC Sprint Finland 301103
NC Gundersen Finland 291103
NC Sprint Lahti 140303
NC Gundersen Lahti 140303
Nordic Combined Sprint Oslo 090303
NC Sprint Oslo 080303
NC Sprint Val di Fiemme 280203
NC Team Competition Val di Fiemme 2003
Nordic Combined Gundersen Val di Fiemme 210203
NC Ski Jumping Part Gundersen Val di Fiemme 2003
NC Jr.Worlds 2003, Complete Results
NC Mass Start/Sprint Sapporo 250103
NC Sprint Hakuba Japan 220103
Nordic Combined Gundersen Chaux-Neuve120103
Nordic Combined Sprint Oberhof 070103
Nordic Combined Sprint Oberhof 010103
Sprint NC Harrachov 151202
Nordic Combined Gundersen Harrachov 141202
Nordic Combined Gundersen Trondheim 071202
Nordic Combined Sprint Trondheim 061202
NC Sprint Kuusamo 291102
NC Sprint Oslo/Holmenkollen 160302
NC Individual Oslo 150302
Nordic Combined Sprint Trondheim 130302
Nordic Combined Sprint Lahti 030302
Nordic Combined Individual Lahti 010302
Sprint Nordic Combined 2002 Olympics
Nordic Combined Team Competition 2002 Olympics
Gundersen NC 2002 Olympics
Ski Jumping NC Gundersen Olympics 2002
Team Competition NC Junior Worlds Schonach 250102
Nordic Combined Junior Worlds Schonach 230102

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World Cup Standings Nordic Combined
NC WC Standings 280204
NC WC Standings 220204
NC WC Standings 150204
NC WC Standings 270104
NC WC Standings 250104
NC WC Standings 120104
Nordic Combined Standings 050104
Nordic Combined WC Standings End 2003
NC Standings 220103
Nordic Combined WC Standings 120103

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NM 2000 Combined sprint
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NM 2000 Combined cross country

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